What We Do

Carine and I publish recipes on three websites reflecting what we make, what we eat, and sharing that with the world.

  • Sweet As Honey: Sweet As Honey was Carine’s very first blog where she started sharing her clean eating baking recipes in 2013. It has grown and expanded to cover all things low-carb when Carine developed pre-diabetes. It’s now one of the leading keto recipe blogs.
  • The Conscious Plant Kitchen: The Conscious Plant Kitchen is a vegan recipe website that we created together in 2019 to share all the recipes that Carine creates for me. It has several hundred plant-based recipes, mostly baking ones, dessert recipes, and high-protein snacks.
  • Busy Little Kiddies: Busy Little Kiddies was created in 2021 to share all the recipes (and at the time many crafting tutorials) that we were making with the kids and for the kids during our time stuck at home in lockdown!

We publish real recipes that we make for us. They are all tested several times (because we eat them) and they are all delicious. That’s the bar to publishing them.

We create all of them, we don’t use writers, photographers, contractors, or freelancers for any of the publishing process.

If you want to read in detail how we publish recipes, head to The Conscious Plant Kitchen and read How We Make Recipes.