Conscious Publishing

We are Conscious Publishing.

We are Carine Claudepierre and Damien Maurer, proud parents of two beautiful kids and owners of three great recipe websites.

We share our recipes with the world to have an impact.

  • The Conscious Plant Kitchen is the website where we share only vegan recipes for Damien’s vegan diet. Damien runs a lot so you’ll find a ton of healthy, high-protein recipes, as well as a raft of vegan versions of you classic recipes. This blog is there to help people make the switch to the vegan diet or just reduce their footprint by going more plant-based.
  • Sweet As Honey is Carine’s original recipe blog. She shares there all her keto and low-carb recipes that allowed her to reverser her pre-diabetes. All recipes are healthy, most are keto-friendly, and they are 100% delicious. This blog is there to help people that are struggling with weight-loss.
  • Busy Little Kiddies is our third passion project. With two busy kids at home, we do a lot of crafting and a ton of kid-friendly recipes that aren’t particularly keto or vegan. This blog is there to help families keep their kiddies busy and healthy.

Conscious Publishing is our umbrella. It’s here to bind everything together.

On this website, we also share (occasionally) some learning we make from working on all these blogs.